Sample and Rehydration Buffers (pH 3-10/4-7)

Product No: 1 and 2 respectively

Product Description: These buffers are an ionic solutions that can be used in combination for better solubilisation and separation of proteins during the first dimension. These buffers can be used for a wide range of protein samples obtain from plants, animals and microbial cells. They also can be used for solubilisation and separation of protein from urine, blood cells, serum, plasma and other body fluids. They are used in proteomic research and are compatible with 2DE-MS system. These buffers have the ability to overcome the problem of contamination that may interfere in 2DE-MS system.

Volume: 1 ml Concentrated

Storage: Recommended temperature : –20°C. After receiving the buffers, please aliquot them into smaller amount to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

Caution: These buffers are for research use only. These products should only be handled by persons with experience in laboratory techniques.

Application: Used for better solubilisation and separation of proteins from a wide range of samples such as:

1) Serum
2) Plasma
3) Urine and other body fluids
4) White blood cells
5) Human cell line such as Breast, Kidney, Bone, etc
6) Bacterial Cells
7) Fungi
8) Plant cells