About Us & Services

mib_logo.jpgMIB is into formulation and development of products and services. The active ingredients in MIB’s products are based upon experience of selected use Herbs and of their admixtures of known potency. These privileged infoconcoction are gathered from traditional herb practitioners, brought to the laboratory for confirmation, mixed with other ingredients, formulated, developed and ultimately manufactured into their superior quality products.

MIB contract-manufactures its products from companies which have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & ISO Certification Status.   In some products, MIB has to obtain the approvals from the Malaysia Ministry of Health for registration, Jakim for Halal Certification and other related proof and requirements from private or public laboratories and agencies.

Our Products

To date, MIB has developed some 200 products ranging from Food, Functional Drink, HealthCare, Cosmetic / Beauty, Cleaners & Disinfectants and Surgical Glove. These products are judiciously selected and regrouped for marketing strategies and ease into the following brands:-

1. HerbVie (Rejuvenated Functional Drink)
2. LoVera (Health & Beauty)
3. Backil (Cleaner & Disinfectant)

The rights of manufacturing, marketing and management of the business has been given to NFS Biotech (NFS). As a policy, NFS shall appoint one party per region to develop markets for the products.