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The performance of optimization technique in Proteomic research is time consuming and requires high investments. This will surely burden the funding institution. To resolve this issue, we have successfully  produced the special chemical solutions (One-Stop Proteomic Kit), which can simplify the said optimization. These solutions are compatible for use in the 2DE-MS system.  Doustjalali, et al (2004) ELECTROPHORESIS 25 : pp 2392 – 2401, Doustjalali, et al (2005) Journal of Tropical Forest Science  17(3) : pp 479-480, Doustjalali, et al (2006) The Journal of Medical Investigation 53: pp 20-28) and Doustjalali, et al (2008) ELECTROPHORESIS 29 : pp 2645-2650.


The chemical solutions function to simplify the process of proteomic technique for the separation and identification of the individual proteins. These solutions can be quickly, cheaply and easily used in the generation of protein maps from plants, animals and microbial cells.  These solutions can also be utilized to produce the protein maps from other media as well, such as urine, blood cells, serum, plasma, saliva and other body fluids. These results are used to detect the abnormal proteins, which are expressed differently for different diseases. These differentiated expressed proteins are then utilized to develop the specific vaccines to be appropriately used for the treatments of the target specific diseases.

Another output from the separations and identifications of the individual protein of diseased and normal samples is to develop diagnostic kit specific for a targeted disease. These types of diagnostic kits would be instrumental as tools to detect the presence or absence of these diseases.


1)   We are interested to be linked to a suitable distributor to market our product (the “One-Stop Proteomic Kit”) special chemical solutions) globally in different countries.  We are willing to participate as packaging and consultant agents in this project. Please refer to Table 1 for our products list.

2)   We are also interested to be linked to any group and provide the expertise to identify the abnormal proteins via the use of the “One-Stop Proteomic Kit” – the identification of which can be used for:

     A) Development of vaccines specific for a targeted disease.
     B) Development of diagnostic kit specific for a targeted disease.

Table 1:

The available chemical solutions will be delivered within 3-4 weeks upon confirmed order.  Their lists of solutions are as follows:

No Solutions
  In-gel trypsin digestion solution for silver staining spot
  Digestion & Identification of the protein can be provided as a form of service.
  In-gel trypsin digestion solution for coomassie staining spot


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